TDC Prices are Your Best Tile Value – By Far!

Before explaining why it is best that you contact us directly to price the tiles you are interested in, it is important that you know that TDC can offer you handmade tile prices that are your best tile values in the world.  WHY?  Because Vietnam is unique in the world in having a combination of:

~ The finest preserved and restored tile press machinery left by the French when they departed Vietnam in 
the 1950s,

~ A generation of highly skilled Vietnamese tile press workers and their off-springs and prodeges schooled under French tile press techniques,

~ A Vietnamese labor force of dedicated skilled workers salaried at fair, yet “developing country” wages,

~ Materials and handling costs far below “western” market prices.

The actual price of your potential tile order will vary based upon a number of variables.  That is why we suggest you contact us directly so that we can walk through your tile interests / order and compute an accurate cost for you.  The price variables include:

~  Type of tile – Cement, Terrazzo, Mother of Pearl
~  Dimensions of your tile
~  Design complexity (simple, complex, custom)
~  Pigment color (s),
~  Size of your order
~  Shipping location
~  Special orders considerations

CONTACT US now with your tile and price questions, your tile design dreams, or your Order.

Retailers and Distributors please contact TDC directly for prices of full/partial shipping container orders.