How to Ship Your Order

TDC has established strong working relationships with a number of international shipping companies that can deliver your order from our port here in Saigon, Vietnam anywhere around the world. 

Shipping costs, of course, will depend upon your location, the size of your order, and how your delivery is or is not integrated into a larger shipping container order. Shipping costs to the U.S., for example, typically range from $4 - $6 per square yard, depending upon which U.S. port is used and the distance from that port to your delivery site. NOTE  - Even after factoring in your shipping costs, TDC tiles remain the best available value for your tile order.

Shipping times typically range 4-6 weeks after your tile production is completed. Remember, “in-stock” tile design orders are available for shipping immediately; tile designs that are not in-stock will take approximately 3-4 weeks to produce; and your special custom tile designs take a bit longer.

Once you have determined your order, you can contact us for an estimated cost and time for your delivery. You should supply us with your exact delivery address, along with a shipping contact name and phone number.